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The most important Gift you may ever offer  ... Sipping

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Promotional Marketing is one of the most effective and valuable ways to build and grow your business.  Your Gift will remain in your prospects hands.  They will always have you at the touch of their finger-tips.  You will bond your business with your customers.  You will become a familiar friend.  Doing business with a friend is easy.  84% remember the company providing them with the item, 62% do business with the company after receiving the item.  Promotional Items opens the closed gates and the closed minds of your customers.  Penetrate your customer’s hearts and let them choose to do business with a familiar friend.

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Promotional Gifts are an investment in future business opportunities.
"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."
Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Introducing ...

S18 Ambra


The Perfect Gift!

The most important Gift you may ever offer ... another ... self   Coffee Culture Break

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Hot Beverage Brewer (Home & Business)

up to 15 Bars High-Pressure Dual/Twin Filtered Capsule System

Espresso, Drip-Coffee, Tea, Hot-Chocolate, +
Latte, Cappuccino (with Frother)
Iced-Espresso, Iced-Coffee, Iced-Tea

8 Grams
Pure, Natural, Freshly Roasted, Ground & Pressed

No Additives * No Preservatives * Vacuum Packed

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No-Obligation Demonstration!

S18 (Ambra (Silver, Black))           Regular $159.99 >>> Special Promo Price $99.99

Capsules (8 grams (see Brochure for Blend Assortment)) 10 Capsules per Sleeve


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S18S18S22 Black



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