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S18 Ambra


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Hot Beverage Brewer (Home & Business)

up to 15 Bars High-Pressure Dual/Twin Filtered Capsule System

Espresso, Drip-Coffee, Tea, Hot-Chocolate, +
Latte, Cappuccino (with Frother)
Iced-Espresso, Iced-Coffee, Iced-Tea

8 Grams
Pure, Natural, Freshly Roasted, Ground & Pressed

No Additives * No Preservatives * Vacuum Packed

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S18 (Ambra (Silver, Black))           Regular $159.99 >>> Special Promo Price $99.99

Capsules (8 grams (see Brochure for Blend Assortment)) 10 Capsules per Sleeve


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S18S18S22 Black



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