In DEEname of The Father

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In DEEbeginning

Like many Italian Male teens I was a DEEjay.  We met at a Dance-Club where I was working at the time as a Disc-Jockey.  I was in my late twenties.  She came to the Dee-Jay Booth to request a song for her cousin, who’s Birthday they came to the club to celebrate.  That’s how it started.

She called me her Hero, ‘because I was always there when she needed.  Her car battery died, I was there.  She always showed gratitude with “ILY”, her beautiful way of saying “I Love You”.

She was diagnosed Diabetic at age nine.  Her Obstetrician said it would be a Miracle for her to conceive or successfully bear children.  The Miracle was repeated twice.  We had the “Million Dollar Family”, a Beautiful little Girl and a Stunning Baby Boy.

It was the Sunday of the August Civic Holiday; that’s when it all started to happen!  The Amazing Miracles  …




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