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No Synthetics, Aluminum, Silicones, Parabens, Sulfates, Binders, Fillers or Coatings

Immediate Maximum Absorbtion


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This Product Makes Me Blush!
"The blush does exactly what we want a blush to do - adds a pop of color without it looking heavy or caked on! Love me a mineral based blush!"
Heidi G.

Great Blush!
"I'm real picky on blushes, so I love how velvety the Motives for LaLa blush is, & the pure mineral pigments are light & buildable. They blend so easily & have great colors for all skin tones. Thank you Motives!"
Valerie M.

Love Love Love
"I have two of these lipsticks and I love them. I have Motivated and Optimistic! They go on very smoothly and feel nice on. Great neutral colors I feel. Your lips will feel very hydrated as you wear this."
Lisa S.

"I used to use our body wash for my face too. My wife got the Lumiere de vie HOMMES line for me for Father's Day. The face wash works great, leaving my face ready to shave. It smells fresh, not heavy."
Rick S.

"My dad is very happy and uses the Lumiere de vie HOMMES serum everyday. His skin elasticity has improved and his skin looks more healthy. This is very good product as he has sensitive skin too."
William C.

"I've never had a good experience with a moisturizer because they always felt too heavy and left my face feeling oily. I have very sensitive, acne prone skin, so I am always hesitant to try anything on my face, especially after I shave. Not only is the Lumiere de vie HOMMES Hydrating Aloe Cream very light, my skin feels best after I shave when I use it. To top it off, it smells great!"
Jason P.

"Being in the textile cleaning business for 25 years, I have seen products that claim they do everything! But SNAP Heavy duty concentrate really does! From spot cleaning carpets, to clothing, to cutting greasy oily soils this product does it all! I recommend my clients use this in there home carpet cleaning machines rather than those soapy residue spot cleaners and detergents they sell with the machines. The trick to good cleaning is not leaving a sticky residue on the carpet. SNAP Heavy duty rinses free from fabrics very easily, and I know if my clients are spotting and cleaning with this product I won't have any issues with soap or residues when we professionally clean them every year!"
Barry G.

"With two kids and a busy household, daily stains and mess is common. I don't know where I would be without my blue SNAP cleaning solution! It's so cost-effective since it is highly-concentrated. I use this on all surfaces in my home. My favorite use is on my stove since it is tough on dirt, grease and grime, but gentle on my favorite appliances. I love the smell when I am finished cleaning my home."
Sarah & Daniel T.

"Every day our family uses Isotonix Orac with Opc-3 in the morning. Feel more energy during day & tastes great."
Min l.

"I love these products! They are fast acting and have given me my life back!"
Amy H.

"My Dad has dealt with Vertigo and OPC3, B-Complex & Vitamin C has worked for him, I had him taking 1 capful with meals. It seemed to take care of him! I also take B-Complex with meals for a similar situation."
Patti J.

"For years I had a bad case of Vertigo. I started taking OPC3, B-Complex & Vitamin C and have not had Vertigo since.
Jim C.

I have Vertigo, and haven't suffered from a bout since I've been taking OPC-3, B12, and Vitamin C. I had my first bout of Vertigo about 2 years ago - Dr. put me on Septra - which is basically like Dramamine (makes you less nauseous - but it's pretty hard to do much all drugged up!) They did all the testing on me and it was not Benign positional - nor was it viral. No clues.

The second bout I had was so bad that I was physically sick for two days - and unable to move my head without the room spinning out of control. It kept me bedridden for 5 days (and I'm a single mom of two boys 4 and 7) what a nightmare!

I started taking OPC in September of 2002. I had another bout about 4 or 5 months later, it was pretty bad. My naturopath suggested I up my Vitamin C - as that might be the problem - but I also added the B12. Since being on that combo - which has been about 4 months I have not had any dizziness, and certainly not any really bad encounters! I find if I'm feeling a little lightheaded, or dizzy, that I immediately go and take a dose of C, B12 and OPC. This cocktail seems to work for me.

Hope this helps. The naturopath did not diagnose me with a B12 deficiency - so not sure how it works into the equation, but it all works and I panic if I get close to running out of any of the components!
Samatha B.

I have a friend, 86 years old, diagnosed with Meniere's disease. She was really struggling; she was horribly dizzy. Many days she could do little but meet basic needs, and remain horizontal most of the time. On good days, it would take hours for the vertigo to pass so that she could have a little bit of productive time. She was very discouraged, as you can imagine.

I encouraged her to give OPC-3 a try and to give it 30 to 90 days to see what might be possible for her. She is taking coumadin, so realizes that the monitoring and discussion with the doc are very important.

Her results have been everything we might have hoped for! Day 1 she took the loading dose late in the day. Day 2, light vertigo, and able to get on with her day. Day 3, no further vertigo! She prepared meals, ran errands, got outside. She is very happy with the results, and is now on her third bottle, says she will not be without it.
Nancy H.

"Love it, I'm someone who gets stressed easily but TLS ACTS has been a life saver to me! Love it so much."
Shu Meih

"TLS ACTS has helped me reduce the symptoms of stress, have better sleep and helped in the function of my thyroid gland, maintenance of health weight and good health feeling."

"I've tried a lot of different eye creams with less than impressive results. I bought the Lumiere de Vie Eye Balm because a friend of mine with gorgeous skin uses it. I really like it! It plumps your skin and reduces puffiness. You only need a little so it lasts a long time. I'm very happy with this one and hope they keep making it"
Susanne Z.

Amazing Product for Baby’s Skin - "Used this for my 7th month old baby when she had dry skin because of the change in season and it was amazing. The lotion was gentle on both face and skin of my baby and the scent was also nice."

DNA Miracles Essential Omega 3 is a Great Product - "I started giving this to my two boys that are 2 and 3 and they love this stuff. I tried so many different fish oils and they would refuse to take it. They ask to take this stuff every day! So happy to have found a safe and healthy omega supplement that my kids love."

"I’m picky about omegas. Love their distillation. Love the source from the small fish and I love the epa:dha ration! My son also begs for these!!"
Anna T.

"I have 3 kids ages 10, 8 and 3. I ran out of it a couple days ago and they have been asking it for it. I ordered it yesterday and usually it comes to me in about 3 days. I will try not to let it run out again! I love this product for what it can do for my kids' development and my kids love it's taste!"
Erin K.

Best Body Tune Up! "I use 7-Day nutriClean for gut and liver detoxification every six months. The best body tune up I can find - so gentle yet effective. I feel lighter and more energetic. More importantly, it helps reduce my cravings for carbs!"
Teresa L.

Gets me back on track! "I use this detox system 2-4 times a year. Not only does it get me back on track after the holidays and summer BBQ’s but it really helps to clean out toxins we eat and breathe in every day. And the energy from cleansing is unbelievable!"
Kristy V.

This is a great way to reset! "I do this cleanse every 3 to 4 months. It keeps cravings under control. Day 2 & 3 are hard but so worth it for the energy I have on day 5!"
Carissa G.

The true sugar craving buster! "I did the full 7 days of this cleanse and by the end I did not crave sugar at all. My sweet tooth has been my biggest barrier in my weight loss and this truly helped."
Lisa W.

21 Days to jumpstart your weight loss success!!
"I love this kit because it provides a comprehensive regimen for weight loss success. It's great for someone getting started on their weight loss journey and can be used to get "back on track" as well. LOVE the results!!"
Nancy M.


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