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Best Origins Monorigine High-End Line Series

Exceptional coffee for the most sophisticated coffee connoisseur.

Each package consists of 10 single-dose capsules containing 12 grams of product.


Caffitaly-Best-Origins_Monorigine-Messico_capsule-caffe_big.jpgmessico lifestyle post.jpg
MESSICO - An all-time favorite, this coffee is incredibly balanced, offering a sweet taste, silky crema, dense body and intense aroma with notes of dark chocolate.
The character and elegance of this 100% Arabica Single Origin coffee is the brilliant result of the careful selection and roasting process of the best coffee beans growing in the unique climate of Mexico’s Puebla highlands.

100% Arabica
Intensity:  7/10

kaapi life style.jpgBox monorigine Kaapi Royale.png

kaapi lifestyle post.jpg
KAAPI ROYALE - Directly from the Indian highlands of Karnataka, this 100% Robusta espresso offers an intense aroma and a strong taste, with notes of wood, chocolate and spices.  This espresso has a very thick crema of a dark brown color.
Kaapi Royale is a full-bodied espresso characterized by its low acidity and a perfect balance of caramelized notes and bitterness, with a persistent final evoking dark chocolate.

100% Robusta
Intensity:  10/10

Caffitaly-Best-Origins_Monorigine-Cuba_capsule-caffe_big.jpgcuba lifestyle post.jpg
CUBA - Selected Arabica Coffee from the Sierra Maestra Mountains, Cuba; this coffee is intense with a lot of body.  It offers a balanced taste, sweetened by notes of cocoa and a hint of pipe tobacco.

100% Arabica
Intensity:  8/10


BRASILE - The constant summer rains and dry winters offer the perfect conditions for the production of this precious blend of 100% Arabica Alta Mogiana, born at high altitude from the best Brazilian plantations.
The flavorful body, its sweet taste, fine acidity and fruity aroma with hints of almond, hazelnuts and cocoa make this espresso the enjoyable for any coffee break.

100% Arabica
Intensity:  7/10



The aroma of coffee meets the vitality of Ginseng to give you the right energy at any time of the day.
Each package consists of 10 single-dose capsules containing 12 grams of product.
Enjoy the full body aroma of Espresso infused with the invigorating sensation and benefits of Ginseng.

Ginseng Health Benefits*
Build immunity
Some studies have found that Ginseng may boost your immune system.  There’s some evidence that Ginseng extract might decrease the number and severity of colds in adults.
Regulate blood sugar
Several studies in people have also shown that Ginseng may lower blood sugar levels.
Improve focus
There’s evidence that Ginseng might give a small, short-term boost to concentration and learning.  Studies of mental performance have combined Ginseng to help with dementia.
Ginseng has also been studied as a way to improve mood and boost endurance as well as treat:
Heart disease
Erectile dysfunction
Hepatitis C
High blood pressure
Menopausal symptoms

* Not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent Disease


Purchase 15 Capsule Sleeves (any Assortment)
and get 2 Free* S04 Face-Plates ($64 Value)

*while quantities last
Metallic Coloured S04 Face-Plates >>> $32 Value

Remaining Available Colours:
Pure Metallic Gold / Yellow, Pure Orange, Pure Black, Pure White, Purple (Aubergine)


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